How We Can Help

Tru Treasury works with credit unions to outline and develop a comprehensive Treasury Management program that helps with:

  • Generating additional revenue

  • Attracting and retaining business members

  • Providing a valued service to your business members

  • Competing with banks. 

Business Conference

Benefits for Credit Unions

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Revenue Stream

  • Expand the Range of Treasury and Cash Management Offerings

  • Help Credit Unions Gain New Member Relationships

  • Non-interest Income

Deposit Growth

  • Allow Credit Unions Business Members to Choose Credit Unions as Their Primary Financial Institution

  • Deliver Solutions and Recommendations to Business Members

  • Build Loyalty

Risk Mitigation

  • Assess Risk to Business Member and Credit Unions by Developing Strong Mitigation Responses

  • Identify Highest Priorities for Business Member Needs While Adhering to Ethics and Controls