Wire Transfer

An electronic funds transfer from people or entities over an electronic payments system.  Wire  transfers are a simple, affordable and secure  method of transferring funds quickly.  Secured and regulated by the U.S. Federal Reserve Wire  Network, Tru Treasury’s wire transfer solution  provides a consumer friendly, and cost effective,  approach to transferring funds both domestically  and internationally.

Key Features

  • Single Entry  

  • Recurring Entry Setup & Maintenance 

  • Batch/Template Creation 

  • Batch File Upload 

  • Telephone Payments 

  • Pre‐Arranged Payments 

  • Same-day processing of domestic transfers to 5pm

  • Business Member initiation

  • Exposure risk not assumed by CU

Key Benefits

Business Graphs

 Optimal Exchange Rates

Business Graphs

 Real Time Review

Business Graphs

 Dual Authorization capability

Bar Chart

 Secure transfer of funds


 Immediate confirmation of receipt

Abstract Shapes

 Extended Cut‐off times

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