Business Presentation

Tru Treasury’s receivable solutions will allow you Business Members to remotely scan in checks, invoices,  coupons, and remittance detail to securely mitigate the complex nature of business receivables. Tru Treasury helps to  untangle receivables into a silo between paper and electronic receipts, by uniting check, ACH, and wire payments into  one centralized location to view and manage.

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and reduce risk by eliminating branch deposits.  Scans check remotely and transmit the images for deposit. Enhanced reporting and robust administrative capabilities amplify the benefits of our straightforward web-based module.

Card Acceptance

Non-cash payments have experienced explosive growth recently and choosing the right payment processing partner is more important than ever. Offer businesses a one-stop-shop for all their payment acceptance needs.  Tru Treasury Merchant Services provides a customized payment solution that really works for ALL your business members, large and small.

Invoice and Collections

 Invoice you can quickly invoice your customers, track statuses, and view the history of each invoice. Accepting credit card payments through the invoice app provides your customers with an easier way to pay, in turn making collecting funds smooth and simple.

Lockbox Solutions 

Save time and reduce risk by eliminating manual account receivable processes.   Tru Treasury's lockbox solution provides an intuitively designed web portal for detailed tracking of payments and data processed across our nationwide network every day