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Fraud Prevention

Being a victim of fraud can be devastating for your business members, give them the tools to protect themselves today. 

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We know that account security is of the utmost importance in today’s growing cyber environment. Our advanced technological solutions include ACH and Check Positive Pay with account reconciliation. Enhanced reporting and simplified transaction monitoring help provide the controls and protections business members need to help prevent loss from fraudulent activity. 

Fraud Prevention Services


ACH Positive Pay & Filters

Enable businesses to safeguard their accounts by blocking all ACH transactions or by allowing only specific trading partners to electronically debit accounts. Suspicious ACH transactions will trigger notifications that provide the ability for a business to reject the transaction or add the transaction to an approved list in real-time.

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Check Positive Pay

With Tru Treasury Check Positive Pay, businesses can easily detect fraudulent checks and unauthorized items through a convenient online solution. Positive Pay works by comparing checks to an issued check file uploaded to a secure portal. Any mismatched items will generate an exception for the business to review for payment.

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Account Reconciliation 

With Tru Treasury's Account Reconciliation Service, businesses can simply provide information on checks issued during the month, and we compare it with the checks that have been paid.  For our Partial Reconciliation Service a single report listing check numbers, amounts and dates paid for all checks. No additional information about checks issued is required.

Treasury’s ACH solution


User Controls & Permissions

Our payment modules and Tru Online Services platform enable end-to-end control configuration. Businesses can create separation of duties and dual control where and when they need it most, by designating accounts, creating dynamic approval requirements, and specific transaction authorizations. 

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