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Tru Treasury Merchant Services is designed to meet ALL our merchant members payment needs, no matter what software they use, what processer they prefer or equipment they need to run their business’  We are open for you.


Tru Treasury provides a no obligation statement analysis to see what you are paying today and how much you could save by switching to Tru Treasury Merchant Services-a true side by side comparison.

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More About Merchant Services Offers

We integrate with QuickBooks and many other 3rd party business management software providers

We have the safest and most modern payment options like Contactless Payments, QR code readers, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Apple Wallet  

We offer emerging market processing for alternative payment processing (Cashless ATM, ACH)

We offer Merchant Capital to help our members grow and build their business

We offer risk free compliant surcharge and cash discount programs (pass the cost of acceptance to your customers)

We have interchange optimization (B2B rates automatically qualified for the lowest interchange category)

We are compatible with multiple processors (First Data, TSYS, Elavon) 

We are compatible with multiple payment terminal manufacturers (POS), we want you to get what you need for your industry

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