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P1FCU Payble | Tru Treasury

Fraud Mitigation Solutions

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You Work Hard for Your Business Let Us Work Hard to Protect it.

We have partnered with Tru Treasury to offer you industry-leading treasury solutions. As a business owner, we understand you have a lot to handle, so we offer solutions to lessen the burden while giving you peace of mind through our array of products and services.

Discover different services and solutions to protect your business against fraud.

P1FCU Payble | Tru Treasury

Check Positive Pay

Our Check Positive Pay service is a fraud prevention tool that helps protect your business from unauthorized check payments. With this service, you can electronically transmit a list of issued checks to us for verification before we process them for payment. This helps to ensure that only valid checks are paid, and any suspicious or unauthorized checks are flagged for further review. Simply log in to your online banking account to access this service and start adding an extra layer of security to your business’s financial transactions.

Protect your business from unauthhorized purchases

Our ACH Positive Pay service is designed to protect your business from fraudulent ACH transactions. By sending us a list of authorized transactions electronically, we can verify their validity before processing them. Any suspicious or unauthorized transactions will be flagged for review. You can easily access this service through your online banking account to enhance the security of your business’s financial transactions.

Protect youe business from fradulent ACH transactions

ACH Positive Pay

P1FCU Payble | Tru Treasury

Help streamline your accounts receivable process by providing efficient and reliable invoicing, payments, and collections.


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