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Our powerful B2B payment solution allows your business to maximize payments to suppliers and reduce costs with automated efficiencies. Tru Treasury offers easy and transparent management of your payments to ease the administrative burden on your team.

Treasury Services

Tru Treasury takes the burden off of your business members. Our complete house of payments covers all their payment needs. We customize our platform to fit any needs. With Tru Treasury, you can provide your business members with the tools to operate with more control, more speed, and better cost savings. 

Payable Solutions 




Electronic, bank-to-bank transfers that provide speed and flexibility to everyday business activity. Tru Treasury’s ACH solution allows for real-time management and increased transparency of payments such as payroll, vendor payments, receivables collections, and more.

Treasury Solution


Wire Transfer

Tru Treasury offers a simple, cost-effective wire transfer opportunity for both domestic and international transactions.  Enhanced reporting and robust administrative capabilities amplify the benefits of our straightforward module.

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Payroll Services 

Tru Treasury payroll services help your business members efficiently manage their payroll processing. Our client support team will handle their administrative duties each pay period using online capabilities to streamline their payroll process.


For larger businesses, we offer professional human resources services providing an end-to-end solution from hire to retire, including applicant tracking, onboarding, time and labor management, payroll and tax, benefits, and compliance.

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Virtual Card

Control your payables program with Tru Treasury's virtual card solution. Set spending limits, allow business types, and designate virtual cards for one-time or multiple uses.

Tru Treasury Virtual Card provides a customized payment solution that enables you to securely pay vendors and monetize rebates.

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