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Automated Clearing  House (ACH)

Electronic funds transfer sent from one bank to another. Tru Treasury’s ACH network is regulated by NACHA, for a centralized and secure quick transfer of funds. Though ACH transactions can be as simple as a direct debit or credit to another bank, common use includes business activities such as payroll, vendor payments,  receivables collections, and account transfers.

Key Features

  • Single Entry   

  • Recurring Entry Setup & Maintenance

  • Batch/Template Creation  

  • Manual File Upload 

  • Telephone Payments 

  • Verification Services 

  • Pre‐Arranged Payments 

  • Same‐Day Processing available 

  • Risk Management Services 

  • Same‐day availability

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Key Benefits

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Enhanced Reporting

Business Graphs

Real Time Review

Business Graphs

Dual Authorization Capability

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Better Cash Flow


Savings Compared to Wire Transfers or Paper Checks

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Faster Access to Funds