Wire Transfer

An electronic funds transfer from people or entities over an electronic payments system.  Wire transfers are a simple, affordable, and secure method of transferring funds quickly.  Secured and regulated by the U.S. Federal Reserve Wire  Network, Tru Treasury’s wire transfer solution provides a consumer-friendly, and cost-effective,  approach to transferring funds both domestically and internationally.

Key Features

  • Single Entry  

  • Recurring Entry Setup & Maintenance 

  • Batch/Template Creation 

  • Batch File Upload 

  • Telephone Payments 

  • Pre‐Arranged Payments 

  • Same-day processing of domestic transfers to 5pm

  • Business Member initiation

  • Exposure risk not assumed by CU

Business Meeting

Key Benefits

Business Graphs

 Optimal Exchange Rates

Business Graphs

Real Time Review

Business Graphs

Dual Authorization Capability

Bar Chart

 Secure Transfer of Funds


Immediate Confirmation of Receipt

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Extended Cut‐off times