Business Plan

Treasury Solutions


Our powerful B2B payment solution allows your business to maximize payments to suppliers and reduce costs with automated efficiencies. Tru Treasury offers easy and transparent management of your payments to ease the administrative burden on your team.

Integrated Receivables

Our robust receivables module is designed to enhance the speed of payment and reduce float. It provides businesses with a one-stop-shop for managing their collections with solutions such as lockbox, remote deposit capture, and e-banking, all in one convenient location.

Merchant Services

We understand that businesses are constantly evolving, which means their payment needs may change. That’s why we’ve created payment solutions that grow with your business members' needs.

Tru Treasury Merchant Services provides a customized payment solution that really works for ALL your business members, large and small. We offer your business members a one-stop-shop for all their payments acceptance needs. 

Fraud Prevention

We know that account security is of the utmost importance in today’s growing cyber environment. Our advanced technological solutions include ACH and Check Positive Pay with account reconciliation. Enhanced reporting and simplified transaction monitoring help provide the controls and protections business members need to help prevent loss from fraudulent activity.