Treasury Management at its Core

Strives to understand how a business operates

Collect Funds

Disburse Funds

Invest Funds

Manage and Access Accounts

Protect Member Relationships with the Credit Union

-Increase member retention
-Increase "Wallet Share"

Identify Opportunities

-Eliminate Inefficiencies
-Create Customized Solutions
-Improve Cash Flow
-Win New Business
-Deepen Existing Relationships

A business meeting

Tru Treasury’s Vision for Credit Union’s

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Revenue Stream

  • Expand the range of Treasury and Cash Management Offering

  • Help Credit Unions gain New Member Relationships

  • Non- Interest Income

Deposit Growth

  • Allow Credit Unions Business Members to choose Credit Unions as their Primary Financial Institution

  • Deliver Solutions and Recommendations to Business Members

  • Loyalty

Risk Mitigation

  • Assess risk to both Business Member and Credit Unions, developing strong mitigation responses

  • Identify highest priorities for Business Member needs while adhering to ethics and controls

A presentation at the office

Why Treasury Management for
Credit Union’s

Many Credit Unions find themselves holding a large commercial loan and have a minimum deposit checking share with the member on the deposit/operating side. A suite of Treasury Management products can help remedy this.

  • Gives them the ability to bring their full relationship to your Credit Union

  • More convenience in consolidating Financial Institutions

  • Can lead to further referrals, growth and opportunities

  • Solidifies and enhances member loyalty