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What if you could improve your cash conversion cycle by streamlining your deposit processing? Whether you receive payments through card or check, you can automate your business’ invoicing through a centralized lockbox. Using a comprehensive lockbox solution will expedite payment processing and allow access to your funds more quickly. 


Organizing your invoices is time-consuming. Optimizing your receivable collection doesn't need to be a hassle.

Saves Time: Reduces mail float and manual processes.
Convenience: Provides timely information for cash flow.
Security: Improves audit controls and data accuracy.

How Lockbox Works

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Business Processes Made Easy

Your customers will mail their payments to a designed Post Office Box.
All lockbox payments are retrieved, sorted, and batched accordingly.
Checks are entered, and payments are processed based on instructions.
Funds are deposited into your respective business account.
A daily file of all remittance payments is sent for review or uploaded to your Accounts Receivable system.
Any unprocessed work is sent back to you for further processing.

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