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Tru Sweep

Tru Treasury's (TSM) is a fully compliant, turnkey solution using sweep accounts and overnight Repurchase Agreements. This industry-leading software allows your credit union to minimize risk, secure your most valuable high-balance members by fully protecting their account deposits in excess of the NCUA limits, and keep those funds on your balance sheet. 

Product Features

  • A Windows-based software application that quickly and accurately allocates collateral to sweep balances for each member and generates the required daily confirmation notices as a part of end-of-day processing 

  • Secure automatic email member confirmations 

  • Automatic archiving of confirmation notices to satisfy the 6-year retention requirement  

  • Automatic daily emails to your collateral custodian of the information necessary to ensure continuous perfection 

  • Automatic creation and delivery of NCUA-required confirmation, annual disclosures, and other notices

Key Benefits

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Fully Compliant Collateral Custodial Agreement 

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Fully Compliant Member Sweep Agreement 

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Ongoing Technical and Regulatory Support

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Personalized Installation Support and Training