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Credit Unions vs. Big Banks: The Credit Union Advantage in Business Banking

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In the dynamic realm of business banking, where creating efficiencies in managing payables, receivables and safeguarding funds against fraud is paramount, established businesses with significant cash balances seek financial institutions that are equipped with robust treasury management products and the expertise to assist them with optimizing cash flow. The assumption has traditionally been that larger banks were the natural (or only) choice for holding their operating accounts that are necessary for these activities. However, with the rapid evolution of technology and expanded capabilities now available to credit unions, this longstanding paradigm has begun to shift.

Credit unions posses distinct advantages that position them as formidable contenders in serving business members and attracting new ones. Their smaller size foster agility, enabling them to make strategic decisions swiftly to meet the evolving needs of their business members. Moreover, credit unions unwavering commitment to member experience and community involvement has cultivated ties that are deep rooted and can be leveraged to further deepen and attain commercial relationships.

The member base of credit unions exhibit loyalty, and they hold a positive reputation within their communities, built upon a strong foundation of trust and personalized service. This trust factor translates into increased confidence from business members, who value the sense of belonging and connections that credit unions offer. The commitment to excellence in customer service, providing personalized assistance and guidance to business members throughout their financial journey is an aspect that the credit union industry is renowned for.

Despite these advantages, challenges persist when offering treasury management products and services, and managing a program in its entirety. Limited resources and a perceived lack of expertise often hinder credit unions from fully capitalizing on the investment needed to launch comprehensive treasury management programs.

Enter Tru Treasury, with our mission to provide credit unions with treasury management expertise and scalability to establish and grow successful treasury management programs. Rather than grappling with the formidable task internally, Tru Treasury offers a team of seasoned Treasury Management Professionals that will provide guidance, advice, and can serve as the treasury sales and service division for credit unions. If your credit union aspires to expand its competitive offerings through treasury management, connect with us at Tru Treasury to learn more.  

Written By: Sandy Wheeler, Director of Sales and Operations


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