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Business Solutions


We have partnered with Tru Treasury to offer you industry-leading treasury solutions. As a business owner, we understand you have a lot to handle, so we offer solutions to lessen the burden while giving you peace of mind through our array of products and services.

We offer easy and transparent management of your payments to ease the administrative burden on your team.

We provide a no-obligation statement analysis for your business. A side-by-side comparison to see what you are paying today and how much you could save. 

We offer a simple, cost-effective wire transfer opportunity for both domestic and international transactions.

Our ACH solution allows for real-time management and increased transparency of payments such as payroll, vendor payments, receivables collections, and more.

​Our remote deposit capture offers the ability to scan multiple checks, including high-value checks, directly to the Credit Union from the comfort of your office. Your business can deposit on your schedule by using an electronic deposit, and funds will be available as soon as the next business day.

Using our Positive Pay service, you will gain peace of mind knowing that you can mitigate risk, reduce losses, and increase account security. You will benefit from reduced errors and faster reconciliation.

Using our ACH Debit Block and Filter service, businesses can centralize control over disbursement activity by blocking any unauthorized ACH transactions from posting to your account. Different options include providing an approved list of payees maintained by the credit union and or a full block on the account.  

We offer a variety of products to cater to all your business needs.

Business Solutions

If your primary source of receiving payments is by check, you can automate your business’ invoicing through a centralized lockbox. Using a comprehensive lockbox solution will expedite payment processing and allow access to your funds more quickly.

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